We bought the oven with the 28″ x 24″ cooking surface, which is plenty large enough to do two 12″ pizzas at the same time. The assembly was easy enough, though it takes two people to do the final step of getting the oven hoisted on top of the cart. The build quality is great with the stainless steel and powder-coated finish. The casters make it easy to wheel around, anywhere you need to place the pizza oven, which is nice in our snowy location, high in the Colorado Rockies. The sides, top, and back of the oven stay nice and cool even though the interior heat is 700+ degrees. Overall, the materials quality is outstanding. I’m very impressed.

The built-in thermometer is basically useless for pizza cooking, but I’m guessing it would work fine for cooking roasts, veggies, or any items that you’d normally cook in your indoor oven, with the door in place, keeping the internal heat from flowing out of the front opening. You can control the airflow/temperature with the door in place too. Very convenient. Solid design.

I was able to quickly learn to cook Napoli style pizzas that are easy and delicious. You have to really stay on top of the cooking since the pizzas are done in 3 minutes or less. With the included pizza peel, after 1 or 2 pizzas, you’re an expert. You simply spin the pizza about 90 degrees every 30 seconds, and all is good. The temperature differences throughout the entire cooking surface are easily learned and custom cooking is a snap.

As far as recipes go, go online and watch all the videos pertaining to your preferred style of pizza. I’ve watched everything coming out of Italy and New York, since I want to replicate the pizzas that you’ll find in many Italian kitchens and street vendors. Finding the proper ingredients is a challenge but worth the effort. I recommend using Italian “00” flour and fresh mozzarella made from buffalo milk, plenty of fresh basil, good virgin olive oil, and the rest is up to you.

These Bella pizza ovens work great and will deliver. Find some seasoned oak and fire it up! Everybody loves cooking their own pizzas and with this product, successful parties are guaranteed!

Steve W., from Colorado