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Bella Pizza Oven Review

We bought the oven with the 28″ x 24″ cooking surface, which is plenty large enough to do two 12″ pizzas at the same time. The assembly was easy enough, though it takes two people to do the final step of getting the oven hoisted on top of the cart. The build quality is great… Read More


Brigit Binns’ Bella Pizza Oven Review

The Bella 36-inch is my second pizza oven (I know, I know — when I get excited about something, I really get excited; and btw I have six grills). Our first pizza oven is a traditional refractory oven; it’s big, and imposing looking, and it’s not going anywhere. Ever. When my husband (I call him… Read More


Hearth bread in metal vs brick ovens

Hearth Bread in a metal oven vs a brick oven is as easy as pizza. Even recipes written specifically for kitchen ovens can be adapted to either oven style. The only thing that changes is wood flavor and faster cook times. Recipes can be doubled, or tripled so you can take advantage of the size… Read More

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