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Hearth bread in metal vs brick ovens

Hearth Bread in a metal oven vs a brick oven is as easy as pizza. Even recipes written specifically for kitchen ovens can be adapted to either oven style. The only thing that changes is wood flavor and faster cook times. Recipes can be doubled, or tripled so you can take advantage of the size… Read More


Pizza oven featured in Pizza Today

Bella Outdoor Living’s newest pizza oven is featured in Pizza Today. They are available now for sale in our online store. The new pizza oven models are available in 32″, 36″ and 40″ interior cooking surfaces. An ideal pizza oven made for the large family who likes to cook out. It is also ideal for… Read More



I wanted to share a little bit of background on the thinking behind www.bellaoutdoorliving.com. We have chosen a modern CMS system (Content Management System) as our platform, which gives us a lot of flexibility in adding new products and services to the market and in communicating with you. Efficiency is a competitive advantage, and it… Read More

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